I wrote this poem in the hopes of shaking up a society that loves routine.  In a world that makes it tempting to simply follow the motions, live with intentionality.



where chalk goes

when you rub it away

the eraser doesn’t eat

it just blends

into the blackboard

in cloudy wisps of knowledge

only meant for me and my peers

because the next class

wouldn’t understand


moments before

stick of chalk had sacrificed itself

and allowed education to break

off crumbled pieces of existence


no matter how hard

professor grinds particles

to wipe away evidence

with interfering elbow grease

the smudges

of learning’s afterlife linger

with permanence

like the grunt

of a passing stranger

on packed street corners bearing

greetings where no kindness is


the brushoff is now destined

to embed unwillingly

on the heart’s blackboard

long after water has tried

to wash it away



God bless, all!  Ad Jesum per Mariam,