holds onto you ---

like strong arms, encircling

and beautiful, wide eyes that look past

the feelings of inadequacy,

self-loathing, and anxiety.

His gaze locks my mouth,

shutting it with a supernatural key

which he then throws away

from the grabbing hands

of this world's distractions.


       * Listen * 


Thoughts come crowding:

swarms of unwanted flies, buzzing

won't. shake. off.

but those eyes ---

the blues depth of ocean waves ---

come crashing, breaking through the noise



       * Listen * 


He breathes. 

Swallow's wings bear holy, 

sacred winds from our Home above ---

fluttering away the dissonance

until one thing remains: 

the pulsing heart beat of the earth

that is more often felt than heard.


A slow, deep breath

exhaling, chest-tightening,

expanding the heart to bursting

and then back out

giving back to the air

the sweet Breath of God.


in and out

                     in and out





eyes, blue

                    in, out

ocean, crashing

flowing, pouring, emptying.


      this is what it is

   to listen without ears

 to the tongueless voice:

   God's Love Language



Deus vult! 
Omnis enim gloria Eius per Mariam,
~ AB