Welcome, everyone to Celtic Homestead!


I am a Peoria-born, Central Illinoian who loves her Catholic Faith and strives to live as traditional a lifestyle as possible. Having grown up with an Irish mother and German immigrant father, my European roots go deep. This manifested itself in a bachelors in English and History with a concentration in creative writing and a masters in English Literature with a focus on British Romantic poetry and Medieval Literature (because I would NOT be forced to choose).

As a Catholic, I believe we have been given this earth to be good stewards of it and that means our gifts and talents as well. That's what I have set out to do! I strive to resist the speed of our modern society by making as many homemade meals as possible. This manifests itself in numerous adventures, some of which involve the perfect homemade bread recipe, learning to churn butter, creating a herb garden, growing a traditional European probiotic drink on my kitchen counter (kefir), and figuring out how to help chickens continue to lay eggs in the frigid winters of this Midwestern state.


I live near my family’s horse ranch, where I spend many mornings feeding the animals God has placed in my life. I love helping people communicate with horses and watch the mental healing that often comes through connecting with these beautiful creatures. I also am a creator of many things. As a general rule, if I can learn how to make something I need in my life, I will! This results in handmade garments, knitted scarves, soap (THAT’S a fun story!), paintings, drawings, handmade twine rosaries, illuminated scripture verses, soy candles, poetry, and even handwoven shoelaces!


Here is the best part. I want to share these gifts and skills with YOU!

But first, we have to recognize the nature of the beast (aka, our modern society).

Here is the crux of the issue:

Our world is slowly losing its grasp of the beautiful.

I believe this is due to a lack of wonder but also, a lack of willingness (not ability) to create - to make things with our hands. We have been so swept up by a modern consumerist culture (i.e. "fast-food," "fast-fashion," etc.) that we seldom give back through our God-given talents.

We are accustomed to buying cheap clothes with the expectation of throwing them away as soon as they wear out. (I will forever be astounded by the amount of people who do not know how to sew on a button!)

We sacrifice our health for the sake of consuming poorly-made food because it can be made quickly instead of benefiting from a home-cooked meal with loved ones.

We "celebrate" the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass by going through the motions, expecting God to wave a magic wand and fix all the problems in our lives without giving back to Him.

In essence, our lives are too fast: spiritually, mentally, and physically. We only care about the speed and ease at which our lives progress, instead of the quality of the life we live. Since our lives have been given to us so that we can give ourselves for others, what does that say about how much/little we value those people whom God has gifted to us?

As a high school Latin teacher at Chesterton Academy of the Sacred Heart, I have an innate love for traditional ways of living. I believe these values are a balm to a modern world, struggling to find its purpose. In addition to promoting traditional Catholic values (through art and literature) on my Facebook page, I sell handmade wares that are meant to last on my Etsy shop. I also plan to create videos, teaching others how to master skills that our society has lost, due to an over-industrialized culture.

My family has encouraged me to share my ability to create, so I want to encourage you to discover your own talents by opening a window into my own. God gave you gifts to share with the world. Help me promote traditional living in a world that is sorely lacking creativity!

God bless you all and thank you!

Deus vult!
Omnis enim gloria Jesum per Mariam,

Anna Berlinger